The Campaign against Windfarms

This section of Country Guardian's website is concerned with the Campaign itself, including information about windfarm sites, opposition groups in the UK and Worldwide and practical advice.


Country Guardian

President: Nigel Evans MP * Vice President: Sir Bernard Ingham

Patrons: The Rt. Rev John Oliver, the former Bishop of Hereford; Colin Pickthall MP.

Past Patron: Rt. Hon Neil Kinnock, former leader of the Labour Party

Chairman: Angela Kelly

Vice Chairman : Ann West


Country Guardian was established in 1991 in response to the first wind power station developments which flowed from the first round of the Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation. The founder was Joseph Lythgoe, a life-long countrylover and conservationist who was particularly appalled by the wind-developers' assault on his beloved Furness Peninsula in Cumbria, but more generally by the realisation that to meet their target of providing 10% of the country's electricity from wind, the power companies would need to built tens of thousands of turbines, mainly in our finest coastal and upland landscapes in the west of the British Isles. Joseph Lythgoe died in March 2000

Country Guardian acts as a clearing house for information and advice, servicing the action groups which spring up every time a wind development is mooted. It helps the groups to pool information and experience and avoids each new group having to re-invent the wheel. It has three hundred members, but half of these  have joined as representatives of action groups, so that in reality we are backed by many thousands of people.

Country Guardian is not supported financially by any larger organisation or vested interests. Its officers are unpaid and voluntary and its expenses are met entirely from the subscriptions and donations of its members.The membership fee is nominal and includes Openview,the twice-yearly newsletter. Its President is Nigel Evans MP. Its Vice President is Sir Bernard Ingham. Neil Kinnock was Patron until he was obliged to resign under the terms of his new appointment as European Commissioner.


Country Guardian publishes its newsletter OpenView twice a year online. The website contains material from both sources, plus The Case Against Windfarms and a large selection of reference material.
Please join if you would like to help save Britain's unique landscape heritage, by printing off the Membership Application Form and sending it to the Membership Secretary.

Country Guardian is not opposed to wind energy as such, but its experience makes it wary of endorsing any windfarm scheme. Its Manifesto on Windfarms clearly states what is acceptable.

'When the Wind Blows' an article written by Country Guardian's Chairman Angela Kelly, brings the issues together in a very forceful way


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